Infant/Toddler Room
(Ages 6 weeks-2 Years)

Our infant/toddler program is set up for children ages 6 weeks to two years. The room allows free play and small group, teacher initiated activities.  There are always materials and age appropriate activities available for each child. The teachers are available to meet the need of every child and provide one on one interaction. They provide a loving and nurturing environment to allow the all children to flourish.

Communication is key to building relationships.  A daily report is provided for the family indicating information about the child's day, including how he/she was feeling, foods/bottles eaten, naps, diaper changes, and activities that occurred during their day.

MCDC provides formula, if a parents prefers their child drink a different formula, parents must provide that formula.

Relationships are very important throughout your child's life.  Please be sure to allow a few minutes at the beginning of each day and at the end of the day to speak with the staff and exchange information. Because children grow and develop so fast at this stage of their life, we want to keep you informed of changes we may be seeing in your child and hope you will share changes with us.  We are here to be partners in your child's education.

413 S Chestnut St, De Soto, IL 62924
Monday-Friday • 6:45am-5:30pm
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