"Instilling the love of learning in all children so that they may become lifetime learners"

Developing young minds since 1985

Murry's Child Development Center opened it's doors for operation on October 28, 1985.  MCDC is licensed by the Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) and Jackson County Health Department (JCHD).

MCDC provides a safe, positive and enriched environment for children that allows them to grow at their own rate; emotionally, socially, physically, creatively and intellectually under the guidance of qualified teachers and staff.

MCDC is a family business and we support families by providing resources and educating families so that children are successful and happy in life.


Operating Hours

Monday-Friday • 6:45am-5:30pm

Conveniently Located

We are located on highway 51 in De Soto, IL between Du Quoin and Carbondale Illinois.  It's the perfect location for anyone on their way to work or Southern Illinois University.


Creativity flourishes in an atmosphere of acceptance and trust. MCDC recognize that each child learns and expresses himself in a very individual way.

Music, dramatic play, blocks, and art are just some of the areas your child will find materials that stimulate curiosity and involvement.

Instill Active

MCDC believes outdoor time is important every day to help children develop an active lifestyle.

We make sure that a part of every day, year round, is spent outdoors being active and having fun.

Build Social Skills
& Make Friends

Social emotional development emphasizes many skills that increase self-awareness and self-regulation.

Research shows that social skills and emotional development (reflected in the ability to pay attention, make transitions from one activity to another, and cooperate with others) are a very important part of school readiness.

Interactive &
Hands-on Teachers

Children remember:

  • 10% of what they hear. 10% of what they read
  • 30% of what they see
  • 50% of what they hear and see
  • 70% of what they say
  • 90% of what they say and do

By interacting and being hands-on, our children learn quicker and retain the knowledge in our lessons.

ExceleRate™ Illinois
Gold Circle of Quality Certified

We meet or exceed specific quality benchmarks set by the state on learning environment and instructional quality, along with selected program administrative standards; staff qualifications; and professional development. Learn more →

What parents are saying...

  • "I can't believe my daughter started with MCDC when she was 10 weeks. You have been such great teachers to her over the past three years. Thank you so much for taking such good care of her."
  • "You truly do make a difference in children. I see changes in my son every day because of the things you teach him. You are truly appreciated."
  • "Thank you very much for caring and teaching my children. I don't know how we would have done it without you. They are better kids because of you."

  • "MCDC's teachers and staff made it easy for a first time like me to bring my child to day care each day. Thank you!"
  • "You mean the world to our family. Everyday you greet us with a smile and every night you leave us with a smile. The love you give to the children is remarkable and I can't say enough."

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413 S Chestnut St, De Soto, IL 62924
Monday-Friday • 6:45am-5:30pm
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